Katherine provided services as an expert witness in connection with a claim I brought on behalf of a dealer of material handling equipment. The dealer had been terminated and litigation was initiated to recover the damages suffered as a result of that termination. An assignment of this sort has two distinct parts: the written report, and testimony. While many damage experts are good at one or the other, Katherine excelled at both.

The written report was thorough and thoughtful. It was based on a solid investigation and understanding of the facts and applicable damage theories. Katherine worked closely and comfortably with me, as counsel, and with the key officers of the terminated dealership to gain the knowledge necessary to generate a first class report. Katherine was able to coalesce the factual,legal and financial components of the report in a way that was not just technically sound, but was persuasive and accessible to the non-technical audience to whom it had to be presented for the ultimate resolution of the case.

The strength of the report was equaled by the strength of Katherine’s testimony – both in her deposition and at the evidentiary hearing. Her testimony at the hearing was particularly impressive. Under both direct and cross-examination, Katherine was cool and calm. She was informative and convincing. Most interestingly,Katherine truly engaged in a sincere conversation with the arbitrator to answer his questions and explain the theories underlying the report. It was very impressive and it was apparent that the arbitrator was turning to Katherine not just as the claimant’s expert but as a bone fide expert capable of giving him the knowledge and understanding he needed to arrive at a just result. I was impressed.

Gary Leydig, Attorney at Law


I have retained Katherine Puffer and VH Valuations to prepare complex business valuations for significant estate and gift tax returns for substantial clients. Katherine's work is extremely thorough, precise and timely. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the estate planning area and demonstrates sound ethics and professionalism.

Elizabeth Garlovsky, Attorney at Law

Katherine Puffer prepared a comprehensive appraisal of a closely held financial services and investment company which met all of the IRS guidelines and requirements for appraisals of property donated to a charity. I had been recently engaged to represent a client for whom a thirty day letter had been recently issued. One major adjustment was the denial of a charitable deduction taken for the contribution of closely held company stock for which no appropriate appraisal was included in the tax return.I was able to obtain a short extension on the thirty day letter upon Katherine’s assurance that she would immediately focus on the preparation of the report. Katherine was able to complete the report notwithstanding that company information which would normally be available was not made available to her for extraneous reasons. Katherine's report was accepted by IRS without exception and the deduction was allowed to stand as filed. A major victory based on Katherine’s appraisal report.

Christopher M. Saternus, C. P. A.
and Attorney at Law


“Katherine was a pleasure to work with. I engaged her on behalf of a client to value a tool and die shop. The valuation was difficult in that there had been a significant fluctuation in financial results over the periods that were reviewed. She was intuitive and knowledgeable. Her work was timely and detailed in a manner that my client could understand and her fees were very reasonable. I would not hesitate to refer Katherine to any business owner.”

Raymond A. Kirschner, CPA, CVA
Partner, FK Advisors


I needed a quick turnaround on a valuation of a partnership interest. VH Valuations completed the valuation within 7 days at a reasonable cost. I highly endorse this firm for your business valuation needs.

Ken Michonski
Thorco Industries


“I have had the pleasure of working with Katherine Puffer on several valuations for my clients and highly recommend her. She is very intelligent and is a highly credential business appraiser. Katherine has a great business sense and is able to recognize the nuances that are particular to each business while adapting valuation methodology to a wide variety of cases. She constantly strives to further her knowledge and to apply her experience to various industries and valuation applications.”

Michael J. Halpin, CPA


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